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Introduction to Alan Tonks

Category: Sodexo stories by Scot_Chef on April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

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Alan Tonks

Alan Tonks - Executive Chef for Sodexo Prestige Scotland

Hello, I’m Alan Tonks, Executive chef for Sodexo Prestige in Scotland.  I’m going to be regularly contributing to the foodie folk blog from now on, so I thought it would be polite of me to provide a quick introduction to those of you who don’t already know me.

The part of the business I look after is the old corporate services side of things. I’ve been with Sodexo for 23 years now, and as a result my role is very diverse. I get involved in sales bids, supporting units in achieving their targets, organising chef forums, chef of the year and salon competitions for Scotland, VIP functions… the list goes on.   I’m passionate about using and cooking seasonal Scottish produce from the worlds best natural larder, SCOTLAND.

I started off this week in the north of the country, working in partnership with our colleagues from remote sites to enhance their food and service offering.  One of the things we tried was putting a beautifully cooked joint of Scottish meat, carved to order, on the deli bar; giving the customer a choice of freshly baked rolls and baguettes to tantalise their taste buds.  We had some great feedback from the customers and client, and this is something we might look at rolling out to other scottish venues as a result. Following this, I headed back down to the Scottish parliament to continue all the good work being done to implement Kcal information on our menus. Kcal is our initiative to label all our dishes with their calorific content.  Basically we take a recipe from Recipe online (Our shared Sodexo recipe book) and ask our dieticians to calculate how many calories there is in that dish.  We then put that info on either the menu or a tent card beside the dish..

It’s been quite a challenge for all involved, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, as our hard work is now getting industry recognition for the health benfits we’re bringing to the work place.  A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, that’s what I always say!

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