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Dundas Castle, embracing ‘Slow Food’ culture

Category: Sodexo Prestige news, Sustainability by Foodie folk on October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

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Slow Food is an international movement that was founded by Italian, Carlo Petrini in 1986 to stop the globalisation of agricultural products. Petrini has devoted his life to the preservation of regional cuisine and in doing so promoting sustainable foods and local businesses.

Dundas Castle was originally built in 1818 and is one of Scotland’s most beautiful and historic buildings. Dundas has worked with Prestige Scotland for over ten years now and together we have run over 1,600 events for everybody from international blue chip companies to local families. It is a 5-star ‘Exclusive Use’ venue, meaning we only ever hold one event at a time to allow complete focus on our guests.

Although undoubtedly Petrini would admire the steeping history and striking visual nature of Dundas Castle, he would probably be more taken with its culinary pursuits and how they fit with Slow Food’s ethos.

It’s fair to say that Dundas Castle and Prestige Scotland provide a gastronomic experience that completely counters the convenience culture of chain restaurants and their identikit menus. It is one that focuses on local culture and producers, and bridges the gap between agriculture and gastronomy.

One of Scotland's finest event venues, Dundas Castle

Because the history and heritage of Dundas Castle is very much Scottish, so is the culinary approach. 100% of the milk, cream, baked items, fresh chicken, pork, lamb, beef, haggis, black pudding and fish (all Sodexo Prestige fish is MSC certified) are Scottish. The majority of our seafood is caught in the North Sea or Northern Areas and dispatched from sites around Scotland, all of which are well managed and sustainable. Our “Seed to plate” policy enables us to trace all of our produce from the farm to the plate and any given meal at Dundas will have at the very least 75% of its produce locally sourced.

The emphasis placed on understanding the castle and its surrounding areas is a huge part of the culture here (just last week the sales and marketing team went foraging in the grounds with Prestige head chef, Trevor Garden!). The Prestige chefs and all the staff at Dundas then use this knowledge and understanding to build a dining experience that is both fitting and unique to the venue which is why many of our dishes are exclusive to Dundas.

I think Carlo Petrini would have been proud of the achievements made at Dundas Castle and so should we!

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