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A Unique Easter Chocolate

Category: Food by Foodie folk on April 5, 2012 1 Comment

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With Easter this weekend what better time to discuss one of Sodexo Prestige’s passions: chocolate!

Sodexo Prestige source some of the world’s best chocolates from a chocolatier whose appetite for chocolate making dates back to when he became an apprentice in his parents’ patisserie business in 1948.

Many of Michel Cluizel’s attributes as a chocolate maker perfectly reflect Sodexo Prestige’s “sow, grow, create, serve” ethos. He has devoted his life to making chocolate with the same intensity and precision as a winemaker. By scouring the world, he is able to find the cocoa plantations that will produce the most intense flavours, all of premium quality and also entirely traceable. Michel uses the finest of ingredients from cane sugar (not beet sugar) to Bourbon vanilla bean (not extract or vanillin) and in 1999, he went even further in his pursuit of making the purest of chocolates by prohibiting soya lecithin, which acts as an emulsifier. He is arguably the finest chocolate maker in the world and Sodexo Prestige are proud to serve Michel’s chocolates.

Michel Cluizel's delectable chocolates

The link between Easter and chocolate is mildly tenuous but it links to the idea of luxury foods being made available again after lent. To say Michel Cluizel’s chocolates are a luxury would not be doing them justice, they go beyond that. As Michel says: “Mes chocolates ont une histoire”.

Happy Easter from all at Sodexo Prestige!

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One Response to “A Unique Easter Chocolate”

  1. A truly mouth-watering post! Very much looking forward to reading more from the Sodexo team in future.

    Best wishes, Alex.


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